Weight Loss Tips for Men

Weight loss is not just a woman thing. If you search weight loss topics on the internet, you can probably bet the first five or six search results that come up will be geared towards women. Nothing sounds less manly than, “I’m watching my waist!”. Here’s the thing though, when men gain extra body weight, it tends to end up as fat stored around their midsection. Studies have shown that this type of body composition is one of the risk factors associated with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Apparently you really should be watching your waist. So here is the profoundly underrated list of weight loss tips for men.

Bulk Up

Okay, you don’t have to be a total meat head, or anything, but a man’s body is predisposed to creating muscle. So use it to your advantage. Muscle mass increases your metabolism, thus making it easier to lose weight, healthfully. So hit the weight room, or at least hit the floor for a serious push up session every now and then.

Maybe, Be a Meat Head

In addition to building muscle, increase your protein intake. Your body is highly efficient at utilizing protein to repair muscles, so as you work out more, you will need more protein to mitigate soreness and increase your workout’s effectiveness. In addition, protein, especially combined with fiber, can help even out your blood sugar so that you never get that starving feeling that makes you want to eat the entire contents of your refrigerator, in one sitting.

Get Your Pride Involved

Losing face in front of your peers can be one of the most painful experiences and one of the most motivating weapons you have in your arsenal. Set a goal, and tell people about it. You could just tell them that you are trying to lose weight (yawn). But it would be even cooler if you could tell them you were training for a half marathon or working toward biking up Pike’s Peak, this summer. That way, they can cheer you on as you work your butt off, or totally mock you if you don’t follow through.

You Booze, You Don’t Lose

When you are trimming down, it is especially important to go easy on the booze. Not only does alcohol offer very little nutrition and relatively high calories, it messes with your metabolism, as well. You see, your body can’t store alcohol, so it will halt all of the other metabolic processes, like managing your blood sugar and transforming calories into energy, in order to get the alcohol out. This means that while it’s dealing with the booze, your body will store whatever other calories it was working on, before you decided to pop a top. And you can probably guess where it all gets stored. They don’t call it a beer belly for nothing… just sayin’.