Weight Loss Motivation Tips and Advice

Sometimes, particularly during times when you plateau, it’s hard to stay motivated to lose weight. The following tips can help you stay motivated when you feel like you’re about to fall off the wagon.

  1. Make it Public

Making a commitment, and making that commitment publicly is a great way to keep you on track. You don’t have to go so far as starting a weight loss blog, but posting goals and updates on Facebook or other social media sites can help you feel accountable for your actions. You can also get support from people who care about you.

  1. Get a Workout Buddy

Having someone who will miss you if you don’t go to the gym, or who relies on you to pick them up for yoga class can help ensure you don’t start slacking. If you’re more likely to exercise by walking or jogging around the neighbourhood, a dog can be a great motivator. The dog needs exercise, which gives you an excuse to get out the door each evening.

  1. Turn on the Tunes!

Many people find that they enjoy their workouts more, and may even work out longer, if they have a playlist or other source of music to listen to during the work out. You can pick songs that have fast tempos to help you stay at the right speed.

  1. Take out the skinny pants

Pick out your favourite outfit that you haven’t been able to fit into in a while, and hang it somewhere you’ll see it every day. Having a visual reminder can help you stay on track, reminding you what you’re working for.

  1. Set reasonable goals

You’ll find yourself frustrated quickly if you are working towards goals that are simply unreachable. If you have, say, 100 lbs. to lose don’t think you’re going to get it all off before summer. Keep your goals small and reachable, with say a 10 lb. a month goal. If you don’t reach your goal in time, but are still making progress, don’t despair. You’re on the right track!

  1. Remember what will happen if you don’t keep on track

Many people think about all the wonderful things that happen once they lose weight, but sometimes that isn’t motivating enough. Make a list of the negative health consequences, lifestyle limitations and pain you’ll have to deal with if you don’t start living a healthier lifestyle.


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