Inspirational weight loss success stories of women

This is the story of a 180 pound transformation. She can hardly believe it herself. But she did it. Without surgery. Without starving herself. Without an ounce of cocaine! She was tormented in school for being bigger than the other kids. This is how a typical obese or overweight person gains weight fast. It starts psycologically, never the less it is one of the many inspirational weight loss success stories in our time.

Looking back at all this, she isn’t that fat like they said. Eventually they start calling her names. She tried many times, every diet that existed. She lost 100 pounds. And she lost 100 pounds twice. And then, no matter how hard she fought, despite a successful career that took her around the world. Her body was her prison. She decided to love herself no matter what the scale said. She had given up.

During January 5, 2009. At that time she was eating chips and watching Oprah. In the show there is this person Carnie Wilson saying “I felt like I was letting myself down”. And that was funny, because she did. Oprah asked the question that she wanted to know too! Carnie Wilson said she met this person named Dallas Page, who taught her all this things on how to be healthy.

But the real question that he wanted her to answer is: What does she really want? She wants to be on a peacful balanced state of health that she can feel that she really is a woman. From there she googled Dallas Page. So from there she was encouraged to give it another shot. Gradually things got easier and easier. Dallas and his friend Terri Lange encouraged her via emails and phone calls.

Something was different this time. She is enjoying it. With each step forward she gained more strength. She did things that she have never done before. She finally felt normal. And she said maybe its better than normal. This time she learned so much. No one can take away your right! Watch the video now!

Weight Loss Success Stories of Women – Video: