Inspirational weight loss success stories by walking

This is a very inspiring story of Caroline Jhingory. When she was in 8th grade she weights 300 pounds. As a teenager she used her allowance money to buy and eat an entire medium size pizza and packages of cookies alone in the basement. And she felt so good devouring it. But she felt bad about herself afterward.

This is how a typical obese or overweight person gains weight fast. It starts psycologically, never the less it is one of the many weight loss success stories in our time.

Being overweight caused her to miss out simple things in life. She didn’t go to her prom. She havn’t worn a bathing suit since she was nine years old. And she cannot fit in amusement park rides. At 21 years old while in college, a dermatologist told her that the dark blotches on her skin, was an indication that she was a pre-diabetic.

She finally woke up and she began by altering her relationship to food and eating. And someway exercise became an appetite suppresant. The more she begin walking everyday the less she thought about food. She adhere to no specific diet. Instead she eliminated her intake of white foods.

By sticking to her regiment of walking everyday and eating healthy, has resulted in losing 100 pounds within a year. And a total loss of 150 pounds. She finally accepted that there are no shortcuts or secret to weight loss. Exercises taken her passion for food from a dirty love affair to a committed relationship of self control.

There are a lot of other weight loss success stories out there just like hers. Watch her video below: