Inspirational weight loss success stories of teenagers

At 12 years of age. He is 175 pounds. It was time for a change and change his life around. He started walking to summer school everyday, sweating so much when he arrive there but it was worth it. This is how a typical obese or overweight person gains weight fast. It starts psycologically, never the less it is one of the many motivational weight loss success stories in our time.

The weight started to slowly come off and he started eating healthy. It became a habit. At around 150 pounds. This is where all the changes began. He remembered when he was 175 pounds comparing to his current weight now.

Now from 175 pounds to 125 pounds. He lost 50 pounds. From size 34 inches to 27 inches. His dream is to become an athlete and run on the track. He is saying that if he can do it, so can you. He dedicates his weight loss success to all teens that are trying to lose weight. We are all in this together.

There are many other weight loss success stories of teenagers that you can find. I hope this inspires you – Watch this Video: