Inspirational weight loss success stories by running

Check this video of inspirational weight loss achieved by running. Started with half-marathon and later on a full-marathon. This is a story of a woman named Stephanie Dorman which her sister entitled “A Journey of 1,000 miles” (and probably more than 1,000). This is how a typical obese or overweight person gains weight fast. It starts psycologically, never the less it is one of the most inspiring weight loss success stories in our time.

Determined to get healthy and lose weight, she began a journey that would change her life. She ran… Since starting her journey in 2010, she has run countless 5k’s. She has completed eight 10K’s. And after losing 142 pounds, she conquered her first half marathon at Walt Disney World!

Along half way of the video an inspiring green shirt that has this on it: Think I’m Slow Now? Should’ve Seen Me 142 Pounds Ago!

In 2 years, she has finished seven half-marathons! Along the way she has lost over 150 POUNDS! And she’s not finished yet! On February 17, 2013 She run her first Full Marathon of 26.2 Miles! Far from what she once was but not yet. What I’m going to be 26.2 Miles with Donna! Good luck, Stephanie! You’ve Got This! Keep calm and OMG, she’s running a marathon!

Watch the video! I hope this video will get you started to take action and will encourage you to take that first step in your own weight loss Journey!!!