Inspirational weight loss success stories of men

The story of david smith will definitely motivate you with your own weight loss. At one point he used to weight 650 pounds. He used to live in a lonely life. The only thing that made him happy was food and soda. At 17 years old he dropped out of high school. He just want to be human and interact with other people just like everybody else. He had no friends or job. He never went out in public in daytime but only at night time because people would stare or laugh at him.

This is how a typical obese or overweight person gains weight fast. It starts psycologically, never the less it is one of the many weight loss success stories of men in our time.

In 2003, he realised that he needed to change his life. Because if he didn’t, he will endup in the hospital or worst dead. He contacted his local TV station for help. Chris a personal trainer returned his call and volunteered to become his trainer. Up until that time his life has been nothing. He ate, slept, watch TV and that’s about it. And when he met Chris, Chris changed his life. In 26 months he lost 401 pounds. After that he is now looking forward for the changes instead of being in his own words a dud, he wants to be a stud.

Chris actually admitted that he have to think about it for a week before he called David back because he didn’t know if he can help him because he is so large. He cannot stop thinking about it, and it’s because of curiosity that he went for it, and decided to see him and that’s how it all started.

The approach used as Chris said, the biggest thing is not to make a drastic change, so he handled him not just physiologically but the important part is psycologically. He created for David highs and low days which allow him to be rewarded every other day. If he go hard on him not to eat any junk foods drastically at all, he will feel deprived. If he cannot have it today he can always have it the next day. Which he calls it baby steps.

You will definitely love this video. Watch it and get inspired. If he can do it. You can also do it!