Inspirational Weight Loss Success Stories

Story 1. This story is about Michelle.

michelle successful weight loss story

Out of all the inspirational weight loss stories on this webpage. Michelle’s journey started much earlier than when she first published her first post on her website. Her tales are very encouraging because they are full of challenges and triumphs. When she was less than 20 lbs away from reaching her goal weight, she got pregnant and had to put her journey on hold.

After going up and down with her weight, in november of 2012, and when she had her two babies later, she once again achieved her weight loss goal! But this time around it is different, she is now more committed to maintaining her new healthy weight and lifestyle. She owns and runs a small business as a cognitive behavioural therapist who specializes in weight loss and how they can maintain it. She is now truly dedicated in living a healthier way of life and at the same time helping others to do the same full-time.

Her website is at


Story 2. Ben didn’t just lose 120 lbs.

ben inspiring weight loss tumblr story

He went from being an unhappy and obese, with no direction in life, to being a healthy and active happy person. He had no goals until one day his grandmother asked him if he was happy with his life, and he realized he wasn’t.

This realization is what inspired him to start running, which helped him lose the weight and find his happiness. He is now a motivational speaker and blogger on tumblr.

His website is at



There is no shortage of inspirational weight loss stories to inspire and guide people currently on their own weight loss journey. As inspiring as these stories may be, it’s also valuable to see what people do to maintain their new, healthier weight. A common thread among all weight loss stories is how becoming healthier changes their whole life outlook for the better.

See various testimonies of people and their very own personal weight loss stories.

The question we always ask is how to lose weight fast? But i’m sure there is not one answer to that. There are different ways to achieve weight loss. It is good to look at stories or situations that are similar to yours. In that way you can tell yourself that, “wow” i’m exactly in that same circumstances, i can do that too!

The more you can relate to the person that was able to achieve their goal, the more you will get motivated. There are inspirational weight loss stories by running and also just by walking. It does not matter how old you are or what country you came from.

There are lots of inspirational weight loss stories of women, men and even teenagers that used to be overweight since they were younger. Ask yourself a question. If they can do it, why can’t i do it?


Story 3. Susan had a lot of weight to lose.

susan testimony losing 69kilos

As of August 2012 she lost a total of 69kgs. Ask her about how she did it? She said it’s very simple. You just have to count calories and thats it. You have to eat a certain amount of calories then burn more calories than what you have eaten on the same day.

She emphasizes that it may sound so simple and also added that to lose weight takes time and there is no such thing as a quick weight loss. So you need to take action from the beginning and keep going until you achieve your goal.

Her website is at


Story 4. Roni like many women, has struggled with her weight throughout her life.

roni's inspiration to lose weight website

This inspirational weight loss story is very common which lots of people finds it hard to overcome. In high school, she began to hide behind baggy clothes and in college she gained at least 10 lbs. every year that just wouldn’t come off. After finishing graduate school, she was determined to lose the extra weight, and found low-carb dieting to be successful.

However, she became obsessed and the weight would be lost and regained repeatedly. She needed a long-term solution, and finally adopted a healthy eating lifestyle that allowed her to reach her goal and keep the weight off while keeping up with two little ones.

Her website is at


Story 5. Jill Birth is 39 years old at that time.

Another inspirational weight loss story of somebody gaining lots of weight after pregnancy. She is a mother of 3 kids. Her starting weight was 263 lbs, size 22 and her height is 5’8″. She was overweight when she was a kid. Everytime she starts a diet or a weight loss program, her husband always take pictures of all her sides, and always supportive of her.

Her story started when she joined IsaBody Challenge organised by Isagenix(no affiliation). She won the Grand Prize of the Challenge. She said that she was dreaming of that day all throughout the Challenge. During her journey, she watched a lot of people succesfully make it to the One Hundred Pound Club.

She said that she kept on praying that it will be her turn soon which she finally did. She advices everybody to never ever give up. Watch and see her emotional story together with her before and after pictures on the video below.


Inspirational Weight Loss Story No 6. This story is about a soldier just doing his job.

This is not just one of the most inspiring weight loss stories that i have seen but a total life inspiration in overcoming obstacle that first thought was impossible. This story will touch the heart of any type of person. It is a story of a paratrooper. His name is Arthur.

He damaged his knees because of what he always does: jumping from aircraft and parachuting to the ground as fast as they can, just enough to get them to the ground. His injuries made him not able to walk properly without crutches. He consulted many doctors but got told he will never walk again. At first he believed what the medical establishment said. With that situation he gained a lot of weight until he became obese.

But through his own determination and a help from a yoga instructor, he was able to lose almost all the weight he gained, just enough for him to be able to walk without crutches and help, and eventually started running. This is a very inspiring story! Here is the video. Enjoy and hopefully you will start taking action with your own weight loss goals after watching this. Have a good day!


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