Weight Loss Blogs for Motivation and Inspiration

There are many inspirational blogs that are dedicated to losing weight and are committed to encouraging us in living a healthy lifestyle. Losing weight and becoming healthy is not easy for many people, and many bloggers serve as real time proof that meeting weight loss goals and changing our eating habit and doing physical activities are achievable goals. We should ask ourselves that how can you lose weight without consulting others who already have done it? Weight loss blogs are a great source of support for others on a similar journey.
Here are weight loss blogs that you will find motivational.

1. Can You Stay for Dinner? – canyoustayfordinner.com Is an inspirational blog that features unique delicious healthy recipes including weight loss tips. The blog owner Andie Mitchell, is a 28 year old passionate cook, baker, and according to herself a friend to chocolate. She used to be obese but now enjoying life with her trim body. She lost 100plus pounds, but the remarkable thing is she looks at her past life positively.

On any day her creative mind can dream up a new recipe. She loves peanut butter and fluff sandwich. She is naturally creative and uses her talents and give valuable advice and food ideas. Checkout her inspirational weight loss journey including her before and after pictures.


Andie Mitchell - canyoustayfordinner.com

Andie Mitchell – canyoustayfordinner.com


2. Blogging Runner– bloggingrunner.com Started by Emily, a typical 27 year old girl who resides in fast but wonderful Brookline, MA. She started blogging and running when she realized she became 50 pounds overweight and needed to get back in shape. Blogging helped her get motivated by sharing her progress and let her stay on track and finally achieved her weight loss goals. She is just like everyone else, although she struggled with weight and body image in her entire life, she is naturally skinny.

But after finishing college, she started working 18 hours per day and thats when things became interesting. On her blog she wrote details on how she became overweight, including emotional challenges that she experienced, while being a self supporting single person living by herself, including small physical accidents that slowed her down. Nothing dramatic but definitely will motivate you in your own weight loss journey. See her weight loss before and pictures.




Emily - BloggingRunner.com

Emily – BloggingRunner.com



3. Prior Fat Girl – Sugar Coating Not Included – priorfatgirl.com is a blog by Jennifer Emmert. She was a little overweight all her life. She started gaining more weight when she started to live by herself, realising that she can do anything and that nobody is watching her. She became morbidly obese at 240lbs. She started going to weight loss seminars, then signed up on the local gym. From there she was able to lose 100lbs. But when a tragic event happened in her family. She got comfort from going back to her old ways of stuffing herself with food. It became an emotional battle but strong self motivation got her back in the right track. See her story and how she did it.



Jennifer Emmert - priorfatgirl.com

Jennifer Emmert – priorfatgirl.com



4. Authentically Emmie – authenticallyemmie.com is a blog by Emily. She is formerly known as Skinny Emmie. She is a 32 year old social media marketer, fashion lover and writer. Her weight loss story is still currently being written at the time of this writing. She started at 455 pounds and now have lost 113 pounds so far. She still have a long way to go but with what she have lost so far is very inspiring. Her blog is very much alive with frequent interaction and updates. The blog has a directory of Plus Size Clothings which she models some of it. Follow her weight loss progress, fitness posts and plus size fashion which includes gifts and giveaways.



Emmie - AuthenticallyEmmie.com

Emmie – AuthenticallyEmmie.com



5. The Anti-Jared – I Lost 200 Pounds With The Pictures to Prove It – Tony is a Chef that worked on different restaurants for more than 10 years now. In 2008, he was 420 pounds. He tried every popular diet know. With these diets, he will lose weight then gain it back all again. On Feb 2008, he decided to lose his weight for real. He was recommended by doctors to have bariatric surgery. He didn’t like that idea, but choose to join weight watchers program instead. The moment he started to lose weight, he started The Anti Jared Blog. Jared is a guy who lost 200 pounds by only eating “Subway” sandwiches. Tony blogged and lost 221 pounds. After that he decided to go full on in the gym and gain muscle and also started eating in a different way. Now he goes to workout 6-7 times a week.



Tony - TheAntiJared.com

Tony – TheAntiJared.com



6. Token Fat Girl When Lorrie Fenn moved to new york, she was 315 pounds. After climbing stairs to her work back and forths, walking everywhere and joining a gym. She lost 50 pounds. She also have joined weight watchers and tried different diets but from that experience fitness exercises produce much better results than dieting alone. She was overweight all the time when she was in new york. She is now married and all the weight she lost are now back. She is still researching and experimenting on how to achieve a realistic weight loss goal. See her blog which talks about food, fashion and fitness.



Lorrie Fenn - TokenFatGirl.com

Lorrie Fenn – TokenFatGirl.com




7. Fit to the Finish is Diane Carbonell’s account on how she went from being over 300 lbs. to a healthy 147 lbs, losing over 150 lbs. She is a full time house wife and a mother to 7 children. From her experience she developed a 10 week weight loss program that she started teaching in her local community. The program is called “Fit to the Finish” which is composed of a 3 point plan. This program is what have worked with her and also worked with a lot of other people. Diane’s story was so inspiring that she was featured on the very popular television show Dr Oz. Her story was also published on 2 popular health and fitness magazines, Shape and Womens World Magazine. See her full detailed story: My 150 Pound Weight Loss.


Diane Carbonell - FitToTheFinish.com

Diane Carbonell – FitToTheFinish.com




Other Inspiring Weight Loss Blogs


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