Understanding Weight Loss Supplements

understanding weight loss supplements

understanding weight loss supplements

15% of American adults use diet supplements to boost weight loss, opting for a range of products that claim to decrease appetite, block fat absorption, or increase metabolism.

Weight loss is a common need for Americans because increased weight can lead to many damaging health problems which might include heart problems, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, breathing problems, diabetes, cancer, gallbladder disease, gout, and possibly more. Increased weight does not promise that you will get these health problems; however, it greatly increased the risk.

Many of these health problems including strokes could have been prevented if proper weight watching would have been practiced. Besides health risks, you naturally feel better and feel better about yourself when you are at a healthier weight for your height.

Losing weight can be a slow process and weight lossĀ  supplements are supposed to speed it up. Although weight loss supplements are advertised everywhere, not all supplements are effective. One must be able to understand the supplements without being mislead from advertisement hype.

There are supplements proven to work, and many more proven not to work. Here are some ways to read between the lines of commercials and magazine ads to ensure that your money is going for something that works.

Weight loss supplements will typically do different things that contribute to your weight loss.

There are 4 types of weight loss supplements:

  1. Those that speed up metabolism
  2. Those that block the absorption of certain nutrients
  3. Those that increase fat burning
  4. Those that suppress appetite


It is important to understand what you are taking and what exactly it is doing (or supposed to be doing) for your body. Research the action that it is saying it will do from other sources besides the products website. Many products will have a detailed explanation of what it is doing; however, it is written by someone completely biased who can twist words to make you think it makes sense. Try looking at other sources to get an unbiased approach from users and professionals in the weight loss area.

Keep in mind that there are a few supplements that have been highly suggested by professionals. These are fiber, calcium, CLE (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), and whey protein.

  • Fibers are awesome when it comes to weight loss. Some types of fibers that are getting very positive reviews for weight loss supplements include
    • Mango Seed Fiber
    • Glucomannan
    • Chitosan
    • Beta Glucan

Leafy green vegetables are also high in fiber.


The most important thing to understand when using weight loss supplements is that you need to be balanced. Eating fried pies for every meal but taking weight loss supplements will not benefit your health. You must eat right, exercise, take supplements. Use a holistic approach!


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