How to Stay Fit – Walking Dead Michonne – Actress Danai Gurira

If you are one of the many fans of The Walking Dead TV series that have recognized the way Michonne killed walkers, then absolute finesse is the word that can describe it. The quickness and precision that which she swings her katana, a sword which is similar to a samurai sword, takes not just toughness but also flawless composure.

“The power comes from the way you pivot your hips. Your feet have to be well placed, your shoulders dropped, your core engaged. And your arms have to be very precise,” says Danai Gurira, who have taken down 24 walkers in one extraordinarily well choreographed scene. And she’s not weilding some toy like prop. “My katana is solid steel, so it’s like swinging a 5-foot-long dumbbell,” she says. Now watch the Video!


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