How to get a Six Pack Abs – Muscular and Ripped Abdomen

If you are looking to obtain perfect six pack abs, then you might want to read this article carefully because it details some great ab workouts that will allow you to gain that perfect looking abdominal area. Good looking people with flat abdomen are what everybody desires. To attain that you need hard work and inspiration. Weight loss success stories of individuals is what you must see.

Why do Abdominal Exercises?

The reason why more and more people are looking at abdominal training and six pack abs workouts is because no matter how fit you think you are, as both men and women reach middle age, they begin to put on a few extra pounds around the mid-section. This area can be one of the most difficult places to shift excess fat. Although, ab workouts for women can make a difference, it is not the only answer and there needs to be a good diet regime of healthy eating to go alongside the abdominal muscle workout. Workouts that concentrate on the abdominal area, are great, however, if you do not change your diet or fail to take part in cardiovascular exercise then you are not going to see the results because those great looking abs are going to be hidden behind a layer of fat.


Here are some really great ab workouts that can really make a difference

The Exercise Ball Crunch is an abdominal workout that uses an exercise ball to give proper support to your body as you workout. To begin with, you need to lie on the exercise ball so that it supports the lower back whilst your feet are placed flat on to the floor. With arms folded either across your chest or behind your head, you need to use your abdominal muscles to lift your body upwards, off of the ball, then lower yourself back down again and repeat this movement about a dozen times.

The Vertical Leg Crunch is another simple but effective exercise for perfect abs. You start by lying on your back, flat on the floor with ankles crossed and legs lifted straight up so that they are pointing towards the ceiling. You then contract your abs whilst keeping your legs in their starting position; you then lower yourself back down before completing another set of about a dozen reps.

The Reverse Crunch is another exercise that requires you to lie on the floor with your hands at you side or behind your head. You start by bending your knees and bringing them up to your chest so that they are at a 90 degree angle, then you contract your abdominal muscles which in turn lift the hips off of the floor, whilst pointing your legs up to the ceiling, again do a set of 12 reps and 1 to 3 sets depending on your fitness levels.


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