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the question is how to lose weight fast

How to Lose Weight Fast – What works and doesn’t

The most effective way on how to lose weight fast is to simply increase how many calories you burn each day while decreasing the amount of calories you eat. Losing a pound requires using about 3500 more calories than you consume. That means that if you eat about 500 fewer calories that you use each […]

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You need calorie deficit - Technically

What is a calorie deficit?

Just what is a calorie deficit? Are you in one, or would you like to be? If you’re trying to lose weight, particularly in the short term, it’s an important method you may wish to consider. A calorie deficit is also known as an energy expenditure. This thermodynamic process is essentially a shortage in the […]

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emotional eating

Dealing with Emotional Eating for Weight Loss Success

Emotional eating refers to the times whenever people eat based on how they are particularly feeling. Emotions that can trigger emotional eating might be sadness leading to depression, happiness, anger, regret, shame, eagerness, anxiety, stress, worry, or many others. See different types of people and their weight loss success stories. Each person is different and […]

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weight loss herb that work safely

Safe Herbs for Weight Loss

There are different reasons for losing weight and obesity or being overweight is one common reason to want to lose weight. Why we need to lose weight includes to decrease the risk of health problems associated of being overweight, slim down after pregnancy weight gain, or simply to improve the physical appearance. Regardless of the […]

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