Welcome! Mayche.com is a website that share’s information on facts and opinions about old and new methods in losing weight. This website emphasises on motivation and inspiration as a starting first step that will lead an individual to take action. If you have that, you will be hard to stop! Mayche.com also shares weight loss tips, tools, tricks and strategies.

Hi, this website was started by a friend of mine. But she doesn’t have time to take care of it anymore. Now i’m taking care of it. I know it is still not finished but will definitely fill it up as we go. But anyway, my life experiences about health, fitness, nutrition and food are very interesting. Although mentioning that, I haven’t put any information or life experience of mine on the website. But i’m sure you will find the info here very useful as you will see. Feel free to leave us comments and feedback.

I am a health researcher and enthusiast. I love and passionate about all things related to health. I don’t have a medical degree or any qualifications in health sciences. But what i am sharing is knowledge that i gained through my life’s journey, what works and what does not. I was very skinny since the very beginning until i turned 28 years old when i suddenly became overweight, i never became obese. But overweight enough to felt unattractive compared to when i was younger.

I will also share other people’s experiences and the latest researches that i think make sense regarding weight loss that i stumble upon. So feel free to check back as I will be updating this website for interesting things and information. Enjoy!

You can send me email if you like! I hope you do. Thanks.


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